3 “Fireworks” to Brighten up your Business this Summer


Smart business protocol often stagnates in Summer.  Invest a little time in these areas over the 4th of July to insure that you end quarter three of 2013 with a bang.  A surge in productivity, creativity, efficiency and profitability is achievable.  Don’t be tempted to cut expenses but rather focus on the basics that will increase your top line revenue.

SMOKE BALLS:  Share Information, don’t cover it up; clear the air.  Transparency leads to clarity which leads to productivity.  Too often, owners and managers complain about lack luster sales and say that “things are getting tight”, but what does that mean exactly?  Quit hiding your bank statements. Print out your financials today and share with all team members.   Empowering your employees with information traditionally held by management may feel like you are relinquishing power and responsibility but the rewards of heightened trust and communication will pay off.

SPARKLER:  Illuminations of showering truth are liberating. Google search your company’s name and the word “reviews.”  Acknowledge the fact that these searchable comments are more powerful than the content you are repeating on your website. It’s not smart leadership when your prospects know more than your sales force about what the public is saying.  Immediately write a plan to obtain supplementary reviews from your gratified customers and employees.  Although customer reviews are most prevalent, please take notice how employee review sites, such as www.glassdoor.com, are soaring in organic searches. 

ROMAN CANDLE:  Ignite customer service to eject to a more explosive level. I know you already provide good service and meet your customers’ expectations, but when things slow mid-year; exceptional customer service that exceeds your clients’ expectations leads to delighted advoctes. For example; instead of saying “How may I help you?  to a walk-in; greet your guest with “Welcome to CCC!  There is nothing quite like feeling welcomed.  How do you feel when you walk into the Tulsa-based convenience store chain, QuikTrip?  The gracious, warm, and friendly culture has made them the “gold-standard” in customer engagement. What about Starbucks? Are they selling coffee or an experience?

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