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Grocery Shopping

Brand loyalty is the level of faithfulness to which a consumer continuously buys the same brand within a product category.

During my grocery shopping trip this week, I realized there are products that I am passionately attached to…Quaker Oats, Jiffy Peanut Butter, Horizon Milk among others. I will not purchase Great Value milk but I do buy Great Value butter.  What’s the deal?

The Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI), tracks brands in categories such as beverages, quick service, pizza, banks, beer, car insurance, and cosmetics. As reported in qsrweb, Emotional Engagement proved the most important factor in purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.  Its 17th annual report showed promotions and discounting reaching “saturation levels.”

Exceptional organizations understand that brand differentiation is ultimately about exploring innovative ways to facilitate engagement to on-the-go consumers that emulate social experiences driving consumer connections.   Low pressure, high experience, emotional attachment equates to revenue realization.

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