Brewed Awakening

Attention advocates of coffee! We are adding a full blown coffee shop at Clary Sage College and Community Care College!  The project, led by Amanda Bringham, is scheduled to open early 2011.  Equipped with the best grinders, espresso machine and accessories, the tasty offering is creating a lot of buzz among the employees and students alike! Furthermore, we will be adding a Barista program to compliment our already diverse college course offerings!

Millions drink coffee.  The aroma, taste and the sense of feeling refreshed after a cup of coffee brings pleasure to many of us each and every day. We are testing coffee in my department in preparation for our venture.  We have the toughest job in the company but I realize that it has to be done.  We’ve tested beans from Starbucks, La Bean, and Whole Foods, to local offerings such as Shades of Brown, Java Dave’s, Topeka and Double Shot.

Who’s come out on top you ask?
Well…we did really enjoy Shades of Brown. In fact, their name has an entirely new meaning to me once I discovered the following information:

People pay a lot of money to have coffee injected up their bottom. According to my research; coffee colonics detoxify the liver, as well as provide thorough colon cleansing. Some people claim that this irrigation gives immediate relief to toxicity symptoms, such as congestion, indigestion, pain and headaches.

I’m thinking we can cross train our Baristas to be Colon Therapists! I’m always looking for interesting (and market driven) ways to increase revenue streams for the company. I am certain that we’d WIPE out the competition. Can’t wait to enroll? Give me a call. I’ll give you the royal treatment.


  1. Brigitte Kurr on October 22, 2010 at 8:33 am

    As one who would vote Mr Coffee as employee of the month, I love that a coffee bar is coming to Clary Sage! I have driven by Shades of Brown several times and now I must go there (and avoid getting a cookie at Old Fashion Bagel to go with it). Looking forward to visiting Clary and talking with future barristas. You “mocha” me happy with this blog. Ha ha!

  2. Heather Klinker Ryon on October 22, 2010 at 9:16 am

    I’m just happy I won’t have to run to Starbucks so much. Only bad thing is I don’t think I’ll have a check because of employee charge. I think I’ll have to set a coffee limit.

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