Guest Post: Dr. Steve Greene

In music, a dissonant chord doesn’t satisfy the ear for melody.

We aren’t born dissatisfied. We learn it.

Do you remember times you have purchased a product, took it out of the bag, consumed it and later determined…this product really didn’t give me what I thought it would.

Through experience, we learn a type of dissatisfaction.

It’s probably my fault, right? My expectations were high. I would be the coolest kid in the neighborhood if I could only get a Red Rider BB Gun.



Got the Gun! Almost shot my eye out.

Still not cool in the hood.

The product didn’t give me the change I was looking for…it’s just a thing. I bought the product hoping to CHANGE something. It wasn’t about the need for a Red Rider. I may have used the word NEED as my rationale. But the Ideal Self which was directing the purchase wanted CHANGE.

Businesses sell products and services to CHANGE something we want changed. Customers become dissatisfied because we purchase change …and end up with the same old me.

I don’t just want change from my dollar…I want change in my lifestyle.

Companies who provide change and help their customers to SUSTAIN the change… create a loyal fan base. Loyal customers refer.

“Look what they did for me!” I feel like a new person. You just gotta go there.”

Every point of contact with a customer… should have a primary focus on the customer to create, deliver and sustain change. Help your customer find their ideal self.

Customers who learn to be satisfied…return and refer.

Now that’s music to the ear.


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