I will be on a flight to Las Vegas tomorrow attending a very special event for a very special person.  Go online and you’ll find many lists of where to go, what to see, what you must not miss and how to travel in style to America’s Sin City.   It’s true.  Las Vegas is the one place where you can commit all types of actions…drinking, gambling, provocative language, or carelessness and it’s OK because of the well-known phenomenon of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” 

Is this really the best city for me to travel to?  Addictive Personality Disorder (as I’ve shared with you before)  is no laughing matter!   I do recognize that certain traits and behaviors accompany this type of addiction.  You may recognize a few of them…making impulsive choices, constantly seeking excitement and new sensations, feeling alienated from mainstream society, valuing deviant or nonconformist behavior, and lacking patience such as having trouble waiting for delayed gratification. 

My “addiction” confession this week is the game of Craps.  I’ve been to Las Vegas 40 to 50 times (for business of course!)  and was introduced to the game many years ago by my friend, Linda.  Thanks, LD!  I have the urge to gamble when I know a trip is coming up.  Take tonight for example…I’m fantasizing about the dice, the sound of the chips in my hand, and the overall smell of the casino.  When I play the game, my wager gets higher and higher, which gives me the ultimate thrill.  This also sums up my business philosophy!   

What a useless blog this is.  Let me redeem myself. Based upon my experience; instead of what to do in Vegas, how about what not to do!

  1. Don’t use ATMs.  Fees are super high!
  2. Don’t talk to anyone that asks if you want companionship.
  3. Don’t gamble your kid’s soccer registration money.
  4. Don’t buy a last minute party outfit at Forever 21.
  5. Don’t forget comfortable shoes!
  6. Don’t jaywalk (crazy that “anything goes in LV except for this!  $250 fine!)
  7. Don’t expect truth in advertising.
  8. Don’t play Craps without taking your odds.
  9. Don’t drink and then get a massage…you will throw up!
  10. Don’t look at the pictures on the little flyers being passed out on the streets! 

“Man, I really like Vegas.”   –Elvis Presley


  1. Leonda on January 21, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    You need to add another don’t: Don’t take your 67 year old mother with you even if ts your annual mother-daughter trip and she picked Vegas. Grab your sister and leave you mom at the curb.

  2. Angela Perry on January 29, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but I’ve been told it should go on my bucket list.

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