Expansion Blues

Why is it that after every commercial closing I have I get a case of buyer’s remorse? I experience the same symptoms each time….cold sweats, shaky hands, blotchy neck. I hate it! The banker looks amazing in his suit…big smiles. Do they work on some twisted commission schedule?? The Title company “closer” and notary is cool and calm too….always a super cute female explaining each form that I must initial in twenty places and sign on the bottom line. “Yes Ma’am, I understand that you can take my home, my car, and seize any bank accounts in my name (‘go fot it,’ I think to myself…after today, I only have $75 bucks in my checking account!)” You see; today, I closed on the construction note of the expansion project for Clary Sage College. I am, no doubt, ecstatic about adding on 20,000 square feet of learning space that will enhance our product offering. With expanded library resources, large “real world” laboratories, an awesome student break room, huge computer laboratory, what more could a College CEO want for her student customers? Up until the moment of closing, this “project” has been a huge and exhilarating consumption of my brain space. I get crazy excited when I share with others our upcoming programs in the fashion design and interior design industries with those interested in listening to me ramble on about them. I know for sure that this is a great decision getting in debt. Right?? What a great artistic design college we’ll have in Tulsa, Oklahoma when you couple those two exciting programs with those that we currently offer in the cosmetology profession. Expansion blues today, tomorrow; another day!

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  1. Kevin Kirk on July 1, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    LOL! I loved the personalization of your experience with the banker Teresa! Your description of your experience was very visual and I could see it all rolling out in my minds eye. Your passion for what you do and are bringing about at Clary Sage College is why we all love you as we do and admire and respect you. You are a “go for it” person who is fearless and determined. We have seen it happen many times over the years…Your Knock Knox effort is how we obtained the old Quick Trip building, how we obtained the old BMW dealership, and how you are now knocking on the door of expansion of CSC! You are an inspiration and amazing businesswoman.

    Thank you for your vision, leadership and passion for helping us to be the best in the industry!

    K. K.

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