Feeling Tipsy?


When I worked at Sonic as a carhop, I once got a “tip” (more like a snarky quip) on a tea stained napkin.  The “tip” stated “get a real job.” What a mean gesture that made me feel rotten. Any job is a “real job,” and that one in particular set the strategic path and business foundation for my current career.  That in itself is a different blog post, but the main point is that tipping is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and to say thank you.

Many people, who have not worked in an industry where tipping is customary, often do not realize that the carhops, servers, guides, drivers, grocery sackers, salon professionals, drivers, and others who help improve our lives most likely aren’t even paid minimum wage.  They depend on tipping to cover basic living expenses and are deserving of the compliment when they extend pleasant and competent service.

Here are 3 tips from me to you (minus the soiled napkin and, well….minus any money):

Tip # 1:  When tipping, round the bill to the nearest $10 and leave 20%

Tip# 2:  The world is a slightly better place with each act of your kindness.

Tip #3:  Generosity supports your ultimate goal of living the good life.

Should Barista’s share their tips with managers? Check out this article on Starbucks.   http://www.nbcnews.com/business/happy-your-starbucks-latte-who-gets-tip-6C10110181?ocid=twitter

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