Flip the Bird

Let’s work on taking your career to an improved destination…someplace tropical so you can sip a fresh Pina Colada perhaps?  Or, maybe just a promotion and pay increase?  Yep!  That’s better.  If these simple little gestures helped me, I guarantee they can work for you.  No more sucking up to the boss with yummy doughnuts and aromatic coffee…just tweak your body language.

To begin with, let your smile be an invitation for others to get to know the great person behind the smile. Then let people see that your smile doesn’t stop at your mouth. It goes all the way to your heart. During times of confrontation, a smile is a curve that helps set things straight! 

Along with that influential smile; when shaking hands make sure that your give the full palm of your hand to the other person. When you don’t touch palm to palm it creates a feeling of uneasiness and mistrust.  Be firm and shake with conviction.

During meetings, stand when you speak…especially when all others are seated and always try to secure the position at the head of the conference table. 

Maintaining eye contact translates to honesty!  Give lots of it.  Focus on one eye of the person if eye contact is uncomfortable for you.  But…you should occasionally look slightly elsewhere otherwise you may be perceived as staring, being too intense or even give the vibe of a psychopath.

Don’t fold your arms tightly across your chest, stiffen your back, tightly cross your legs, get too close to the face, turn your body at an angle away from the person you are facing, or lean away from the person you are with. Never roll your eyes!  Never sigh!  Better physical language is to lean forward (smile and nod if you are in agreement), and keep your arms relaxed or laying open to the person, but keep your fingers together to show your authority.  Face the other person directly and keep your posture relaxed and at ease but be careful not to slouch.

Finally—and from experience– do tone down your hyperactivity, don’t look bored, don’t raise your voice, and definitely don’t scratch your face with your middle finger when disagreeing with your boss.  


I told a little white lie.  Sucking up really does work if all else fails.   


I love sprinkles on my doughnuts!


  1. Trina on January 14, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Krispy Kreme ok? 🙂

    • Teresa on January 15, 2011 at 3:06 am

      Loved the sprinkled doughnut today. You are a doll!

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