Food for Thought

Ready to be your own boss?

You have a market-tested idea or will buy into a franchise.  CHECK

You work for someone else but dream of being an entrepreneur.  CHECK

You are committed to short term sacrifice for long term gain.  CHECK

You have the experience to go out on your own.  CHECK

You have a supportive spouse (if applicable).  CHECK

You have 12 months of living expenses in reserve.  CHECK

You are awesome in sales.  CHECK

You eat a Mediterranean diet.  __________  WHAT ??&*^%$?

The Mediterranean diet is a way of life that will give you that focused edge needed for competitive sustainability.   Studies have always shown that it’s great for the body because of its weight and cholesterol reducing benefits for your heart health.  Now, new research finds it’s conducive for a healthy mind  and soul too!

The Mediterranean diet is loaded with fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, beans, and nuts.  Published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and released May 29, 2012, the study found that this lifestyle diet is positively linked to mental health and quality of life, leading to life success.   I enjoyed reading this study this past week for I’ve been on this “diet” for about 20 years.  I couldn’t be the happy and satisfied Mom, CEO, Daughter, Wife, Friend, or Entrepreneur that I desire to be in my daily life.  All of these important roles require magnificent physical and mental ability every day of my life.

So what does this have to do with business ownership?  Absolutely everything.  Great leaders know that robust physical and mental health give you a competitive edge…the energy and stamina needed to develop strategy, tackle big challenges, rebound from setbacks, and deliver great results when pressure to perform is 24/7.  Mental toughness will separate the good from the great entrepreneurs and will often differentiate those that will go out of business versus those that enjoy  long-term business success.

The famous late psychologist, Carl Jung, once said that if you want to change the world, start with yourself.

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