Get More Done Today

Get More Done Today

Over the years I have discovered managing a business while raising a family is the best way force yourself to focus on the discipline necessary to experience personal and professional growth. From my early days in the development of Community Care College to now running our ever-growing corporate brand of businesses; I have had to refine my productivity skills to make sure things (and people) get the attention and care they deserve.

Below are a few of my personal productivity tips that have helped me pursue success through yes…the School of Hard Knox.

1. Define a short list of priorities and revisit often. This will allow you to focus on what is more relevant to your business success. Use the (personal) time you have after dinner, after getting ready for bed, but before watching Netflix to work on your priorities.  This will help you sleep better knowing you have a plan, but to keep your vision in the forefront of your dreams.

2. Create a daily list of to-dos. Each day have a list of 3 items that you must accomplish, this will help you stay on task. You can have a long list of continuing to-dos, but this can be overwhelming.   Focus on your daily items that will move business forward but also to not forget about sprinkling those birthdays, personal promises, and your kids’ events that need to occur that day.

3. Don’t manage two projects at once.  As much as I like to say I can multi-task, it’s not possible. Scientists believe that multi-tasking doesn’t just slow you down, but it increases the number of mistakes you make; therefore, costing you valuable time.

4. Delegate your weaknesses. Spending time on areas that are not your strengths is not the best use of your time and will eventually set you back and have a negative impact on the bottom line.

5. Work/Life balance. When the workday is over, leave work at work. Allowing your brain to take a break from work will help you be more productive when you are back in the office. Sometimes your best ideas will come when you are not trying to find problem solutions or execute strategy.

6. Put away technology as often as you can. When you need to focus on a specific task or person, keeping your technology away from you will remove additional distractions and will bring out the Love.

7. Walk away. Taking 10 to 15 minute breaks during the workday will allow you to refocus and give your brain—and body— a refresher.

8. You are what you eat. I may not have time every day to hit the gym, but I can control what I consume and keeping your eating healthy will allow your body to work with you and not against you. Check out my blog post, Food for Thought for more tips on this subject.

9. Sleep is essential. Do what you can to stick with a consistent sleeping schedule…your brain will thank you.  Enough sleep reduces stress but also makes you look less angry, tired, sad, and older!  Another tip:  Before bed — hot herbal tea and .5 mg of Melatonin can work wonders.

10. Take control of your life. If you are not, then something or someone else is.   Learn from challenging people in your life. Seize opportunities, knowing that you can have a life full of good health and personal prosperity.

This certainly is not an exhaustive list of productivity tips which is why I would love to hear yours. What tips do you use to get more done during your workweek?

Get More Done - 10 tips from School of Hard Knox

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The more productive we all are, the more success we all will see.

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