Gold Medal Leader

An insatiable curiosity allows Leaders to explore the source of opportunities as well as the source of problems. This guarantees that a winning leader will develop an insane number of opportunities for the company while solving the source of revenue-killing problems.  What else makes up a winning leader?  In my 20+ years of working with a wide variety of managers, leaders, and winners; I’ve noticed a lot of traits that they all have in common.  Let’s say these together:

1.  I breath strategic intelligence

          My vision is made into reality. 

2.  I master influence

         Teaching others to be good leaders is what I’m all about.

3.  I build culture

          A definite set of core values defines who I am and guides all aspects of my business.  I’ve eliminated gray. 

4.  I empower others

         Trust is nurtured and has gone viral in my company.

5.  I “get” alignment

          Aligning my goals with the company’s key purpose has allowed me to deliver customer intimacy and competitive sustainability. 

6.  I play to win.

       I dream about crushing the competition. (OK, that’s just me)  Zig Ziglar says it nice:  “Winning isn’t everything, but the effort to win is.”   



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  1. Elizabeth on October 2, 2012 at 12:16 am

    As always, excellent insight! How easy it is to overlook these simple but powerful truths, but truly dynamic when they are put into practice. I think the alignment is key, with vision, culture and purpose that we are all headed the same direction.

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