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Tulsa, Okla., (November 11, 2011)

Teresa Knox, founder and owner of Community Care College, Clary Sage College and Oklahoma Technical College announced today that she is franchising certain aspects of her current business model, including a Salon and Spa with a prototype store to open in January of 2012.

 “We have a business model that can be easily duplicated.  With superior training and support, there will be a vital emphasis on customer acquisition, support, retention and long-term value.
We are thrilled to  share our business model with those that desire to own their own business,”  said owner, Teresa Knox”  Other traits that make Clary Sage attractive to potential franchisees include a good track record of profitability, a unique business model with strong brand recognition, broad geographical appeal, ease of operation, quantifiable systems, and competitive startup costs.

In addition to business opportunities being available to the general public, the franchise will provide the students of the college increased employment opportunities as well as give them an opportunity to own their own franchise.  Furthermore, franchising gives the Tulsa-based
company the means to which to expand their brand into other markets so others
may benefit from their unique business systems.

The prototype operation will be located at 101st and Riverside in Tulsa.  This training site will be streamlined to maximize profits per square footage of space.  In addition to well-planned
training, the franchise will provide franchisees support in every aspect of business development including but not limited to legal, accounting, marketing, banking, real estate/construction and build-out, human resources, and customer relations management.  Furthermore, the company, Clary Sage Franchise System LLC has formulated and is manufacturing a salon quality product line to further enhance the Clary Brand and provide a turn-key business structure for

The Clary System offers exceptional opportunities to potential franchise partners who possess a passion to see others reach their full potential through uncompromising talent and service.  We gladly invite you to further investigate this unique business opportunity.  Please log on to

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