SPIRITual Moment

The Spirit Event Center in Bixby, Oklahoma has big problems! I was horrified tonight during Julio Iglesias’ concert. The Spirit Center has to be the worst venue I have ever stepped foot in and not just because it is ugly. The much-anticipated performance brought the Hispanic community together—which was cool– and although attendees started on a high note, the evening ended with a pissed off crowd. I heard over and over “Debes estar bromiando?” or “Julio no tenía la passion.”

Mr. Iglesias was extremely frustrated no doubt. The sound system was horrendous and the employees were terribly rude as they noisily started breaking down stations while he was still singing! He was thirsty and had empty water bottle on his stool.

Maybe the venue is destined to be a losing venture…from the foreclosure on the Remy’s to the interim ownership by Spirit Bank. The comment made by the new owners (MacPot, LLC) to bring in “top performing artists” is farfetched. The moment arrived and they blew it. Newsflash: Julio Iglesias has sold over 260 million records worldwide in 14 languages and released 77 albums. According to Sony Music Entertainment, he is one of the top 10 best selling music artists in history. Doesn’t he deserve first class treatment? Hasn’t he earned that privilege? Can he have some freakin’ water?? The entire experience was mind-boggling.

I’m really upset. I want to scream….I want to paint over the hideous Tuscany décor in the lobby. Ugh! Where did those tax credits go that the Bixby City Council approved? I know the answer. Never mind. I am embarrassed for Oklahoma and am mad on behalf of the hard working citizens of Bixby who really have gotten the short end of the stick. I’m not going back and I’m confident Julio will not be back. He’ll probably call his pal, Willy Nelson and warn him…no Beg him not to perform there on December 3rd.

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