TGIM: What the hell?

Call me old fashioned as a GenXer, but I am very fond of Fridays.  TGIF is and will always be my motto.  I don’t get this agenda for TGIM—Thank Goodness it’s Monday—even though amazingly successful companies such as Southwest Airlines adopt this creed.  Dr. Kevin Kirk, President of our college’s comes from the same philosophical thinking.  Dr. Kirk (the most admired person at our company and one of my greatest friends) often emails on Friday, “It’s only 3 days until Monday!”  Are they bad people?  Hmmmmm….that may be too harsh.  But really…what planet are they from?  This push by business leaders to create a culture of looking forward to Monday is just not in my realm of comprehension.  I am pretty confident that I will never say to an employee, “TGIM!”   I’m not saying I don’t love my job—quite the contrary, but I love the weekends and each Friday, oh Friday… I know what is coming; what is peeking around the corner.   From wearing jeans to digging out the chunky eyeliner, the excitement of this amazing day is hard for me to contain!

Let’s leave this to the experts.  Tom Peters, In Search of Excellence author, has seminars about TGIM.  But there is a cover…. he states it is about making tough choices.  He may be referring to something different than how I understand it but I agree about the tough choices, “Do I call in sick today or will it look suspicions doing it on Monday morning?”   Should you listen to Mr. Peters?  First, consider where I usually turn for important business decisions; music…   The soulful singer, Karen Carpenter summed it up quite nicely, “Rainy Days and Monday’s Always Get Me Down.”  Karen called it like it is!  Or the oh so forgotten, Bangles, “It’s Just Another Manic Monday.”  Jordan Sparks sings about “Permanent Monday” but Duran Duran’s “New Moon on Monday” is my favorite.  Do these  “business” strategists sing“TGIM?”  Of course not!  They sing about the trials and tribulations of Mondays. 

On a selfish note, as a business owner, I like having employees that are into the whole TGIM thing.  But just between you and me; Fridays rock!


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  2. Allison Fowler on July 9, 2010 at 10:02 am

    I’m so glad you feel the same way I do about Monday! Actually I have a love for Friday that just cannot be topped by any other day of the (work) week. I don’t mind betraying Monday by saying it either. This was an enjoyable read! Thanks!

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