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“Thank You” is a magical phrase.  The root meaning of the word “Thank” comes from the Greek word: Exomologeo, which means to acknowledge and agree fully. This word in turn comes from two Greek words: Ek or Ex which denotes the origin or beginning of action, and Homologeo which means to give thanks.  Thanking someone is not passive, it is an action.  I’m thankful to many, so why then do I do such a poor job sending hand written thank you notes?  Like a lot of you, I’ve settled with posting “thank yous” on Facebook, Twitter or sending an email.

I’m committing myself to sending hand written “thank you” cards in 2012 and beyond!  In business, this can have a major impact on your company’s bottom line.  Here is why you, too, should commit to this lost art:

  • Writing a thank you card gives us a break from the digitized lives we live in.  Also, receiving a hand written note makes the reader feel special and adds a bright spot to his or her day.  My good friend (and Controller of our company) Elizabeth Kempf is the Queen of hand written cards.  Not only does she have beautiful handwriting, but she phrases her notes that make others feel very special.

FYI:  Most people can type blind, but can’t write blind.  When we write things down, we are more aware of what we write due to the visual impact of reading words while writing.  This equates to a message with heart.  

  • Thank you cards show customers that you care and value them.  The payback of the LTV (lifetime value) of a customer cannot be underestimated…it is the most important metric in your business.  Google “LTV calculation” to learn how to calculate.
  • Next time a friend or customer needs your product or service, they will automatically buy from you if you have made a point of staying in touch by thanking them for their past purchasing from you.
  • Thank you cards are great marketing tools.  The greatest compliment you can receive from a customer (or vendor, neighbor, supplier, or other stakeholder) is when he or she refers friend or loved one to your business.  Referrals are essential to your business’s success. Send a thank you card immediately.  No excuse ever!  One of my all-time favorite business books, E-Myth, says this:  “It is a well-known truism that the best customer is a happy customer.  It follows that the best leads are referrals from happy customers.  Referral leads are almost always the best prospects because a recommendation from one customer to another provides credibility, a positive impression and reduces doubt in the prospect’s mind.  And a bonus for you is that is an incredibly cost-effective means of generating new business.”
  • Thank you cards and personal messages instill trust and credibility.  If you take the time to acknowledge another person’s patronage, they will know that you also spend time, effort, and thoughtful consideration in making your product the very best.
  • Hand writing a personal note puts the human element back in communication. This type of relationship building inspires trust, respect, and most importantly; love.

What to make a difference?  Buy a box of thank you cards today.

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