The Root of Core Values

Culture Tree

Clear and agreed-upon core values provide guidelines for decision-making, conflict resolution, team engagement, and individual behavior. The origin of our values resonates with the personal values of every single team member and they support the over-arching purpose (mission) of the company

Have you ever thought about working for our company or doing business with us?  If so, below are the guiding core values of our organization that connect us to our larger purpose.

Honor God

Live in a way that pleases God in all parts of life–thoughts, actions, words, and relationships and do so with honesty, integrity, character, empathy and passion.

Put Students First

The College is devoted to exceeding student expectations by providing a valuable experience from the moment he or she inquires through securing employment. Exceptional standards of service will never be compromised and is

the driving force behind the College’s continued success.

Have Fun and Be Healthy

The company offers corporate health initiatives but also promotes a work environment that fosters mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness in employee-friendly and fun surroundings.

Deliver Service to Our Community

We are committed to taking responsibility for the impact our business has on society by practicing behaviors that promote accountability through corporate social responsibility initiatives and honest corporate citizenship including investing in our communities, adhering to C.A.R.E.S., and practicing the highest ethical standards.

Play to Win

The company practices a culture that is playing to win both competitive advantage and market share in a way that rewards courage and expects creative thinking, innovative problem solving, and high impact results each day from our team.

Pursue Growth and Learning

With a steadfast commitment to performance excellence, the college requires professional development, personal progression and continuing education to ensure the staff and faculty are acquiring new skills, testing their capabilities, and stretching themselves in order to deliver exceptional value to our stakeholders.

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