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Breakfast Club:  X Generation Favorite

I enjoy reading articles and blog posts about the Y generation, the Millennials.  I mean….they are the fastest growing segment in today’s workforce.  It is no different in my own company; therefore, I should keep up with progressive Millennial psychology.  How to recruit them, how to retain them,  how to keep them happy and engaged.  I’ve read it all and appreciate the insight about these tech-savvy, team-oriented, attention-craving smart people.

But what about X?  What about my generation?  Do we even count? I never read any interesting factoids about Generation X…those of us born between 1966 and 1980…approximately between the ages of 32 and 46.

U.S.Census data on generational population:   Did you know that there are 78 million Baby Boomers alive, 79 million Millennials, and only 41 million X Generation?  Whoa!  That’s a big gap.  I know that we grew up in the shadows of the baby boomers, but by half in number?  No wonder we aren’t getting any media coverage!

I can think of five traits to describe this misunderstood generation:

  1. Flexible. 
  2. Individualistic.
  3. Arrogant.
  4. Risk taking. 
  5. Love change. 

More than likely, you work with a Baby Boomer or a Y.  But in the event you work with or work for a risk-taking, arrogant, change-loving X; then you’ll want to learn to navigate those cool (OK…unique) generational preferences.  Good luck! 

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