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Teresa Knox

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a 4th generation Oklahoman; Teresa is the Founder and former CEO of Community Care College, Clary Sage College, and Oklahoma Technical College which she started in 1995. In the summer of 2015; she converted the colleges from a for-profit corporation, to a public charity, 501(c)(3) called Community HigherEd. Teresa works as an ambassador of the three colleges and serves on the executive board of the nonprofit.

Family life is the best for Teresa! She has three children—Ronnie, Lilliana, and Annabel- and a wonderful husband, Ivan, from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Teresa worked as a dental assistant for 7 years before coming up with the idea of opening a dental assisting school. She believes in the incredible power of career-focused education and wanted to share with others that you don’t have to settle…that you can get out of your situation, no matter how bad it may seem and a rewarding career is the foundation of that change.

Because Teresa deplores drug abuse and how it destroys families, she founded a business called Knox Laboratory Services, a drug and alcohol testing laboratory. Although she sold the business; she is still a huge proponent of drug testing to maintain a clean and safe drug-free workplace and education environment.

In addition for advocating for career and technical education; Teresa is directly involved with commercial property acquisitions. Most recently; with commercial development and historical restoration projects in Kendall Whittier and the Pearl Districts of Tulsa.

A little more…

  • Governor Appointment: Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools (6 year term)
  • Commerce Bank Oklahoma Advisory Board and Board of Directors Nominating Committee (NASDAQ: CBSH)
  • Chair Appointee: Tulsa Ballet
  • Executive Board Member: Community HigherEd
  • Board Member: Heritage Society of Tulsa
    Board Member: 12 and 12
  • Tulsa Workforce Advisory Council
  • Member: Philbrook Museum, Tulsa Botanic Garden, Church on the Move
  • Hobby: Music, Entrepreneurship, Oklahoma Trivia

Teresa is a two time recipient of Tulsa Economic Development Corp’s “Small Business of the Year” and is a recipient of “Women of Distinction” award and her company has made Inc’s list of the Fastest-Growing Companies in America and is a Crystal Star recipient for Entrepreneurial Success. The colleges have been recognized by “Best Places to Work in Oklahoma” and for six consecutive years been honored through ”Community Service Honor Roll” given by the President of the United States acknowledging the generosity of the students and employees of the college.

Teresa earned her MBA from Oral Roberts University.